Healing staff-is it viable?

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The following description is my proposal for a healing staff to be added to Wilds.io.

A healing staff would be a wooden pole with a stone totem at the end. A melee attack would do 0.5 damage, like the wand. The staff's charge attack would be a green beam similar to the old wand's beam, but 20% longer. Every second this beam is applied to a teammate, they recover 0.5 hp. The beam would consume stamina at a rate 15% slower than the ice wand. The special attack would be a 45 degree cone of green light that bursts from the staff, and all teammates in this cone would instantly recover 1.5 hp. The cone's maximum range would be double that of the healing beam.

Due to the totem's extreme weight, a player using the totem cannot equip a shield, and must block with their staff. This means that all ranged attacks that they block are only reduced by half damage, minimum of 0.5. This means that an arrow would do 1 damage, a wand projectile would do 0 damage, and a knife would do 1.5 damage (knives still do 3 damage, right?) A disarmed healer must block with their bare hands (Rezoner has discussed stats for blocking w/o shield). Additionally, the staff user's move speed is decreased to 85% of a normal player's speed.

I'm trying to propose a healing weapon that wouldn't be overpowered, but would still be viable. I'm cautious of the power to remotely heal players, so I've added the 'no shield' and slowed movement to reduce the healer's sustainability and make them easy enough to focus and kill, thus taking them out of the fight.

So, what do you guys think? I think I did an okay job making the staff balanced, but simultaneously viable. Please comment below, feel free to express your opinion and why you have such an opinion.

I'm impressed with the realistic power of the staff proposed here. I would definitely like to see this implemented.


Seeing as you're the same person that posted this idea, yeah I'd say so too if I were you. lol


YES! A very viable and realistic implementation of a healing staff.

If implemented, I'm excited to see 3v3 team combinations actually start to matter, as well as a definite team strategy(Protect healer, assasinate opponent's healer).

Please implement


seeing teams full of healers in 3v3 fight could be very funny :D

i love healeers :DD

good work

Instead of starting a new topic, you should have posted there:


The 'let's discuss the shaman' post is a year old, and this post doesn't pertain to that one anyway, because we're talking about a new weapon here, not a new character. Long ago, Rezoner said he was going to go characters, but he has long since chosen one character and different weapons.

Nobody looks at 'let's discuss the shaman' anymore. Why would I waste my 1 idea per weak on something nobody will look at?

Furthermore, I see nothing in the 'basic forum rules' post that tells me I should repost in an ancient topic (which would be necroposting), instead of starting my own. Frankly, I don't see why you feel you have the power to dictate what I should and shouldn't do, when Rezoner didn't say anywhere to do so.

Nice accounts achillesRising, using two accounts to get your ideas out. Not smart, but it works I suppose.

Actually, same IP, different people. So no, not abusing userecho rules by writing two ideas per week from two different accounts.


Even if we have similar opinions, it's still two people, and we're doing nothing wrong, according to the rules.


So who's the other person using your computer, your brother? You both posted within the same hour of each other, so if you're using the same computer/IP, you must have been fighting with each other to use it, i know I would be. Or do you have some mental disorder, where you have multiple personalities? It's okay if you do, my grandmother had schizophrenia. It drove her crazy and she refused to take medication. If you have a problem get help.

Actually, we're roomates, and a same IP can be different devices.

And you would know all about having others follow you around and crusade for your opinion, would you? and yet nobody does anything about that, because you slapped the 'clan leader' title on there.

I don't have time talking to those who trash talk, I represent a simple goal - to make Wilds.io better, and they can call me whatever they want. You've never felt that goal - to bring greatness to something in the community. People like you hold games back from positive progression. That is all I will say on the matter.

And here it is, as far as this issue goes, you are as bad as me, giving direct orders to your clan to downvote a post because you don't agree with it.


This post is to talk about the healing rod or discuss?