What is a matchmaking group? How to play with friends?

In main menu you can notice a matchmaking group input box.

Players that want to play together should type the same group and click play - system will wait at least 10 seconds since the first player clicked play so everyone has enough time to join.

For casual modes like ruins and CTF this will automatically find your friends on different servers and put in their team as long as there is enough space.

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Galera que é BR botem la no negocio Tribe: Brasil

Ai vai ser facil de brs se encontrarem e jogarem juntos o B é maiusculo msm


This has been needed in this game, for it is long overdue. Next, I suggest guild tags be added.


The guild system will be totally separated from this. I think I will get to guilds right after that mage wand that haunts me already.


Dude I just wanna say thanks so much for putting all this effort into this really fun game. I'm really enjoying it.


Eu e uma otima funcao pois o jogo e exelente


Galer por favor coloquem os fodoes br ok


hola que mierda es esta


hey guys should i buy a sword or an archery


Bow is better...i'm use this

Bow is great aganist n00b players but need more skill to defead PRO players


ai vou ser sinsero ñ gostei da nova atualização do ruins


eu tambem não é noob pegandoo arco de urso do bau e noob camper n gostei nao a pessoa demora 3 semana pra comprar espada ai vai la um noob no urso ou no bau e pega de graça


para alamıyorum


A new room for friends to play i






como hago para intercambiar COSAS En Modo ruins en las cabinas


HOLA PAPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

join team forever or evry game

I think that noon should team up like b team and g team then that what I think.!!!!!!!


es mi primera vez




benim team a katılın

kana susamışlar


Why the weapons is so exoensive!


Weapons are really expensive.You need to decrease it's cost


no funciona el chat no se si se mandan los textos y si mando uno no me deja moverme y tengo que reiniciar todo

apreciaria que arreglaran eso


vrei sa fi prietenul meu




  • ¡Hola! buenos días, por favor me podrían sugerir cual compro???...
  • Arco con flecha o la barita del mago? y quisiera saber si comprar la calavera tiene algún beneficio

no manda muchos arcos manden bastantes lansas en el cofre




and football is so not fair wiht killing D:


I can't log in, why??

amk die yazılır doru yaz


this is not help full and ps: i am press f

hey how i do blok i have noootbuk that is why i cant to do block with nootbok