Bow in the arena...

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Ok, I'm starting to get real sick of bow in the arena.  The arena will soon just be odd dodge ball because of the bow.  Whats the point of using anything but bow.  The arrow is super strong now, running with it on some maps makes it invincible, it is extremely difficult to beat, it is easy to play, and before the kick bug it was already stronger then most weapons.  I know that the kick being broken does not make it unbeatable but still.  I, personally have no fun in the arena chasing around a bow men for a long period of time as they run away and spam arrows on me and i know other people also don't like it due to the amount of posts on the forums about this.  Maybe there could at least be a separate melee arena for those who don't want to chase around some bow runner?  But for now I'm sick of bow.  Every part of the arena is more fun without bows.  Bow is a fun weapon to play but no one wants to be matched against it.  In my opinion and many others, bow should be removed from the arena or at least the broken kick move should be restored to what it was before.  I know some bow users will dislike the post but I don't care.  I am sick of chasing bowmen and wish to be able to play the arena like it was before.

Fixing the kick should be the first step. We need to somehow make it easier to kick back arrows, either by just increasing the size of the current kick hotbox or by changing it back to a 360.

Then, if bows in the arena are still a problem, we'll focus on that. It seems like bows are the most controversial issue in the game right now. Some want them out and some really like them.

Nope, 360 kick is extremely unfair. People are spamming kick and using block, and they're pretty much invinsible anyway. No need to make this even more f*cked up.

you know kick is just broken now right.  it is not directional it is just completely random.  i still can kick arrows 360 but sometimes kick just does not work.  also kick and block spamming is and always was useless.

they need to be balanced properly

I'm a bow user. But i mostly use sword. I hate fighting against bows, but now it seem they should be removed from the game. Don't hate on the bows.


Full Mild Mannered Support: Bows SUCK

._. my opinion? There are people who are total jerks with bow. Those are the people who just run and spam arrows. They have no skill, just an infinite quiver. These people are super annoying, because sometimes they just won't leave you alone. That. Really. Sucks.

      I don't think we need to get rid of or super hella Nerf the bow, but they do need a minor Nerf.

Maybe a limited arrows mechanic would do the trick? I don't know. We should think about that.

Oh ya and they shouldn't be allowed in arena or Browars. They are too spammy. It's like the strategy if just running and claws special spamming, but with arrows.

in arena everybody cares iff they win so the bows are always running, i do not have a problem with bows in ruins since you can just run from them.

I have never seen 1 bowman in arena not running

if they are not running they just try to bait your kicks which is super easy to avoid.


Yeah. bow just shouldn't be allowed in arena

agree its an hack and slash game not and hack/slash, and shoot game people that wanna play a shooter please go to vertix io.
the bow was always overpowered but people just didn't now that it was since all the top 3 players were playing with melee weapons.




Oh, I'm not a bow user. I think that bow can be incredible when used correctly. Maybe bring the reload down?

Story of my life dude.... story of my life

All a bow user has to do is shoot, block, and roll, and then their golden. Arena or not, bow users are obnoxious and overpowered (at least in my opinion).

This is easy to fight with a bow, I agree with it. But what with claws? They are also very OP and many Doris, Filis and ect. can't win any fight with the claw user. And the sperar? It's also overpowered, oh, that terrible lunge... ok, let's stop. Discussion about bow doesn't make any sense. Everyone can kill the bowman with good tactics. All weapons are good and the game is balanced and don't need any nerfs.


I take it you have not played much arena have you?  Spear is trash and claws are also bad.  Unlogged players cant kill anything

I have played arena many times. I think you really can't appreciate these weapons. Used by good player all weapons can look too OP. "Bad"? "Trash"? Really?

Image result for are you serious meme

Yes they are bad and trash.  Claws can be ok somtimes but it is still not that good.  I am rank 10 in the arena right now btw and i have been rank 5. 


As Imć Zagłoba said, it´s possible to kill ANY player regardless of wich weapons they´re using with skill and good tactics.


#HateBowUsers also fuck you, the chances are slanted in favor of bow users so get the fuck out of our forums.

Pretty sure one of the rules on the forum is "No Memes"

Pretty sure one of the rules on the forum is "No vulgar insulting against other users"

i did not insult him.  i just said that he probably did not play much arena due to his statements.

This time I talk about Pate.

If no one had complained about bow damage in the first place you wouldn't be dealing with constant arrow spam. Slow firing with the damage dealt previously or fast firing with current damage, pick one.

fire rate would be nice if you could use the block to block every arrow, but i would just like it removed from the arena because it is no fun to play against