Ideas for other items

issa04 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 28

Hi guys,

I had the idea to take some black for Wilds.... I hope that you will like at least one:

Many players saw it on Discord and say me that want the black cape

Are we depressed now that im back? ;-;

Not everyone will utilize them

Black cape,yes please,black is my color.+1.

Btw I forgot to tell you ages ago about your name which I didn't have time for.Did you know what name Issa means in latin?

Don't forgot join back to one discord server. I lost my daily ally :D


Black cape is something what should be added long time ago :c


Black cape looks nice. We don't need a new hammer, but a black shield woold be nice :)

A new shield would be great

Hammer update:

The actual hammer is too simple

Yea,so is axe,claws and ect.

Bump for the black cape, that one is easy to implement. Bump for the shield too, it doesn't have to be this design but a new shield is due. As for the weapons, best to keep them simple, any fancy design will just go unnoticed.

Yea,mostly the fanciest isn't the best.And why you say "bump" when it's obvious?

I mean "bump" as in +1. I support the idea.

If so,It's ok.But don't just say bump,it'd be obvious and just waste space.

It' very funny yea,ha ha ha,maybe now,but just you wait until the word "bump" will be trend as fidget spinner,just a waste.

i like the black cape +1

All black cape xD

Yea.I'm not big fan of shields.Where do you normally see that archer uses shield.He uses both hands for shooting,but apart from that "logic",everything is fine.

well the archer carries the shield strapped on his arm so he doesnt really need to hold it


I know,but it isn't usual for archer to carty shield.Archers are resourceful and can use bow in many ways,the blocking for instance.

yeah makes sense except blocking stuff like incoming arrows.

You have to be a ninja to block an arrow with a stick

and Ukryty is the only ninja left on this side of the world

Rly?Last ninja?At brink of exctinction?God,we should protect him from papparazi's,CIA agents and many others who will try to transfer it's abilities to others,we need to stop that.But how will we keep him safe?

like the shield +1 from me

these items are sort of reskins of old items, because they have no particular mechanic. Thats still very good, +1

I like it,

 the hammer is very cool :D

I want that black cape so bad since it is afterall suitable for neutral team.And for antichrist regimen.