Luck Potion

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Luck Potion

The lucky potion would be as rare as the potion of fury and its coloring would be green. 
When consumed, the potion would be lucky.
- Fewer mines would sprout from the boxes and more items would come out of them.
- The chest would give more gold In the defeat of a yeti, the probability of falling a mysterious box would increase.
- By killing an ogre, it would give more gold.
- The goblins would also give more items.
 The effect time could be from 5 to 10 seconds.

particles of the potion


This is a small gif that I made to demonstrate the item.


You forgot: It increases the bones dropped by a player when killed. It could go from 40% to something like 60-70%, or maybe a chance for 90%

u broke the one word chain

potion of fury=haste potion?