Ban request:Anthony Agard !

Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago updated by UgandianWarrior 3 years ago 22

So about this baby d#ck.He constantly stalks me and chases me whenever I enter the game.No matter how much he dies he just laughs like complete loonatic and never stops being a dick,confirming he is crazy from the start.

He always stalks me like some retarded kid,and when facing me runs away after taking  3 shots and returns again.

He is real pain in the ass to deal with with but again,i do not balme him completly or his condition,his parents have never taken any measures in order to fix him.Its just sad to watch him being taken away from his sanity.I just want to make him stop,and going on other servers,games will not help me get rid of him at all.He had many other victims before me aswell.

All I want is to make him stop by getting him banned forever.

P.S.Sry for no screenshots,cannot do much when being examinated for potential kidney infection which on my luck did happen to f*ck up my health tremendously,main reason im not as active as before and there is bad internet in hospitals so my bad.

So that is basically it,looking forward to see this guy banned,though not as much as saving up my vitals.


I do not know this guy, nor did I see him, how lucky!

im not going to dislike but i don't think this guy should be banned

So this guy is just knowing when you enter and he joins same room as you are and keeps going to you? Maybe it's your fan and he wants your autograph?

;-;...Er...Imma just stay neutral (I face this almost everyday lmaoo)

neutral too

ive met this guy but he hasnt ever been annoying to anyone, as far as I know

I think yoy should just get over it, plenty players do this, Ive had an similar encounter 10 minutes ago: a guy kept running away from me and taunting and when I gave up on chasing him he followed me, teasing me and taunting. I said "Meh, who cares"

I've followed people around in game, not really to target them or anything like that just to troll. But god, how is he able to know when you join.

You know, a really weird thing happened. Not too related, but...

It's not even like a glitch, really.

So I open Wilds.io and I can't log in. I keep on trying but it just lags me out. I finally refresh for the fifth time and Corn Maker is sorta on there, it's like a blur, glitching.

I go onto U.S. Server, cuz that's where I'm from.

I open, I'm on the EU server, and my name is Anthony Agard. I have a hat I didn't even buy. I changed my nationality somehow... And I got on with swords, but I have claws.

Anthony is just right next to me, and we stare at each other.

You have crazy dreams, doggie.

That was the creepiest minute in my life...

I know him and I dont think he should be banned.


You must be his friend then.


Wrong reply. He has no friends.

watch yo profanity _/(¤_¤)\_

He doesn't seem like a lunatic when I see him... :/


Cause he has different victims every once in a while.

I'm sorry, but I have no idea who the hell you're talking about. If you could tell me what server he usually played in, I would probably know who he is and actually share my opinion or at the least vote. If he plays in US servers ... well then I obviously don't pay attention to names then ._.   Don't blame me! My name is very distracting!


He is mostly on europe server playing fort.

I dunno if he's still after me since I'm in hospital and don't play as often.