Helmet abilities

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Alright I've put some thought into this idea, and it has been proposed before that Rezoner should add abilities for different items in wilds.io. This post will just be about what I think possibilities for the abilities are. I'll be talking about all 3 items, helmets, capes, and shields. Just a warning, some ideas may not be fit to add, since it would make the game too complicated with more things to worry about.

Shields: This is a pretty simple section, less complicated than the other 2. For shields, I think that the more expensive the shield, the longer the guard should be up. Now this wouldn't be a straight up buff. The longer the shield is up, the more open the person is to getting rolled over. This seems like it would be a trade off, sacrificing speed for defense.

Capes: Capes...so awesome. 

I'll be calling this cape:

the barbarian cape

and this cape

the luxurious cape.

The barbarian cape could do extra damage while rolling, bringing the roll damage up to 1.5 or 2, since there are spikes (or whatever those things are) on the back of the cape.

The luxurious cape could make defeated enemies drop more gold, since this cape does look quite fancy, and is my personal favorite item that isn't a weapon

Head gear: 

Hood: Nothing, simply for show since it only costs 100 gold

Viking Helmet: Could make either roll or shield bash do more damage

Wolf mask: Makes the wearer move faster, since wolfs naturally are faster. But I've done my research, and wolves can run faster than humans but can't run the same distance, so the trade off would be faster sprint, but stamina depletes faster.

Spartan Helmet: Melee attack does more damage, maybe 0.5 or 1 more than before.

Witch Hat: Magic attacks inflict more damage, or for a 2nd possibility, give the user an additional option for a special attack. The special attack could be changed to poison that gradually deals damage, or a spell that slows all enemies hit down.

Fedora: Makes you the supreme gentleman who would treat a girl very well. Increases defense as no one would want to hurt someone who treats a girl like a REAL gentleman.

Skull: Increases bones dropped by killed enemies.

Santa Claus hat: Snows when certain bone milestones are reached. ( 25, 50, 75, 100) 100 would be the max. 25 and 50 would only be visual effects, but 75 and 100, the snow will pickup and snow much harder, slowing enemies down. would only work once Christmas gets close enough.

Hope you would like to see these abilities implemented, if there are any complaints or issues you see with this post, address them below. 

Thanks for your time :)


bad idea give cosmetic items abilities, -1

I'm sorry can you rephrase that so that I can understand you better?

Items should not have any parameters, otherwise everything will depend on the value of the parameter, not the skill

Do not touch fking items, NO! DONT!

Barbarian's ability seems a bit OP
And what is the point of the santa claus effect

Christmas spirit.

Shit idea, i dont like it ;v


Why do people want to turn wilds into moomoo.io


this wouldn't turn wilds.io into moomoo.io. They are 2 completely diffent games. Adding an idea that another game conveniently has doesn't turn one game into another. Don't say dumb things that don't make sense.

u just do it now

*you did it just now*



Ehh and everyone start using only items with dmg boost, not because they look cool ;x

Ehhh can't Rezoner make the barbarian cape look like it was made from a yetis fur? I feel like that people don't buy the barbarian cape because it just doesn't stand out compared to the Noble-Looking Cape.