Weapon Buffs, They Aren't Necessary + Weapon Tier list

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Recently people have been calling for a buff of the lower ranking weapons, claiming that they are too weak, ineffective, not as good as weapons etc. There isn't a complete need for weapons to be buffed it any way, they're fine as it is. However players seem to buy the weapons for a lack of information on which options are better than others, this leads to, of course, a buff request. So, in an attempt to inform players on a better use of time and coins, I'll be making a tier list.

 The weapons in wilds.io are typically classified in different tiers, depending on what they're useful for and what the main purposes are. Different weapons, of lower tiers usually aren't buffed, but given different purposes (ex. Axe with chopping wood, and Hammer for door breaking). Players also tend to confuse a skilled player, and a good weapon. These two things are not the same, and a skilled player can use any weapon effectively, but maybe not professionally. The first thing to understand is that having a different weapon may affect how someone plays, but not necessarily how well they play. Now, for the actual tier list. Along with the tier list will be reasons as to why they're in the space they're in. I'll be going from Lower tier weapons to higher tier weapons. Weapons mentioned later in a tier list will be better than those mentioned before. A final side note will be that weapon specials are a very major factor in how good a weapon is.

Low Tier Weapons: Weapons used by newer players, or those attempting to help out their team in terms of taking the base.

Axe: Ah the good ol axe. The starting weapon in a game, of course, isn't expected to be very good. If the starting weapon was top-tier, what would be the point of other weapons? 

Reason: Axe is considered low-tier as it is the weapon that all players, at one point, started at. Axe special doesn't grant the user any invincibility, doesn't travel very far, and can be jumped over with ease. Typically considered the worst weapon in wilds.io, it is also a weapon that gained an additional purpose, and all weapons that gain addition purposes typically aren't very good to begin with.

Spear: Spear... also known as bait for the newer players. Spear is considered to be a rather cowardly weapon, since it's special can vault platforms higher up that players would otherwise have to walk around to get on top of. Spear is always the target for people asking for a buff, since it costs the least amount of coins and usually leads to disappointment from the buyer. There are however players that are skilled with spear.

Reason: Spear ranks above axe, but not high enough to escape the low-tier range,due to it's lack of useful qualities (aside from easier running and infiltrating the base).

Low tier weapon uses: Starting weapons for newer players, infiltrating base, and chopping down trees. Don't use these unless you've just started. Proper conditions for usage: Taking the base in less than legitimate ways, or if someone claims they could beat you if you had the same weapons :P.

Mid-Tier Weapons: The majority of weapons in wilds.io reside in this range of usefulness.

Wand: The wand used to be a high tier weapon, as two nerfs were needed to balance it out. With the first nerf the beam the wand used to shoot was removed, as it went through walls. The second nerf reduced the amount of time that a player would be frozen for, and since it was a special nerf, that drastically effected the wand's place on the tier list. The reason for the second nerf was because, with one successfully landed special attack would allow the user of the wand to deal around 3/4 of the opponents health. However people called for a nerf as it was completely over powered if two or more wand users teamed up, god forbid if it grew past 5 people. 

Reason: Wand is much better than both the spear and the axe, excelling at ranged fighting, the wand is more useful for whittling the enemies health away before going in for the kill. However killing an enemy takes quite a while if they now how to kick and block. While using the wand, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Player will try to get close to you because... how else would they hit you?

Hammer: Around this point in the tier list is where people will get REALLY TRIGGERED. Yes, I've ranked the bow higher than the hammer. Now before you go right to that thumbs down button hear me out m8. Hammer, when it was first released absolutely dominated the arena. Everyone at the top of the arena had a hammer. Unfortunately for me, I got the hammer on the same day it was nerfed :(. Hammer used to crush,everyone and anyone who fought against it, and along with invincibility frames it had decent normal attack damage. 

Reason: A special nerf. A special nerf absolutely crushed the hammer as hard as it crushed people in arena. This ruins it's place on the tier list, dropping it from high tier down to the middle of mid-tier. It also was given the ability to destroy the doors on the fort, but it happens so slowly.

Bow: ..... Yes... I ranked bow above the hammer, as it has recently been buffed with a faster draw time, allowing the user to fire multiple arrows in quick succession. Being the first ranged weapon in wilds.io gave the wand popularity among those who weren't the confrontational type while in game. Archers typically fire arrows while the pursuer is rolling, jumping, or after a block drops. Again as the wand is a ranged weapon, keep your range.

Reason: Wand is a very good weapon. It does decent damage if the attack lands, and players who can't close gaps are doomed against a skilled bow user. Wand falls short from high-tier as it's special doesn't grant invincibility.

High-Tier Weapons: You thought you were triggered with bow and wand? No. Nonono. This has been the topic for many debates on which weapon is better. Welp. Here it is.

Claws: Oh god. Oh good god no. Claws... Claws in my opinion at one point was the best item in wilds.io, but an attack speed nerf reduced the damage that claws did in close range counter situations. The debate between Claws and Sword was caused mainly because both weapons have special moves with invincibility, and as I've mentioned before, how good a special move is, dictates how good the weapon is, and with something as useful as invincibility, it is great for attacking large swarms of people. Claws is also the Wand and the Bows weakness as it is a incredible gap closer.

Reason: As I've said earlier in the tier list, Claws got a nerf that reduced their attack speed, and that difference, puts claws below the Sword.

The Sword: The very top of the weapons in all of wilds.io is the Sword. With decent counter damage, and combos that deal over half of an opponent's health if done correctly. Also believed to have the best special since it has invincibility throughout all of the attack, the sword is the weapon of choice for pro's.

Reason: Invincibility, and lots of it. If sword had the same special as axe or hammer, it would be the same weapon. The special attack makes all the difference.

This took...longer than I'd like to admit to, but I hope this stops buff requests, and informs players of the weapons for their choice. Hopefully this is seen by the majority of newer players and helps out those who need it. Good luck in game. Final note: there should be a guide, or a help option to post things like this in, as the closest category it falls into is idea.



ur wrong spear NEEDS to be buffed

there needs to be lower tier weapons. If every weapon was sword tier. It would be pointless. If spear got buffed then it would need to cost more and how would new players afford it if it costed more?

i dunno but somehow nobody cares and i want to play with spear too so nah lets buff it

um. it is a low tier weapon that costs more than one of the top tier weapons! lower price or buff.


still think that the spear should be thrown straight

meh 2 i even had a dream about it XD [srsly im a nolife]


Axe is better than spear. Its special is an extra pin rolling move whereas the spear's can only be used to dodge. It also gets 2 hits in between stun (4 dmg) compared to the spears 2 hits and a roll (3.5 dmg).

Also the bow is worse than hammer in arena since most people know how to kick/block spam and dodge the arrows. Hammer is probably top of the mid tier.

One last thing. In order for the game to stay fresh we need more weapons to be viable. Otherwise it's boring playing against sword after claws after sword after claws and the occasional hammer (that's you shopkeeper)

 and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after and axe after....wait wat

bad copying, this should be "and axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe after axe....wait wat"

seva virus makes weird things

I'm not saying everyone should get a sword m8. I made this to inform newer players which weapons are better, since everyone keeps calling for weapon buffs.

just the bloody spear!

Axe is better than spear. It does an even two damage while spear can't compare. The spear's extra range means nothing, and the special is basically useless, it's literally just a big jump.

The more balanced weapons are, the healthier the game is. Pretty simple. I don't know why you would want to not buff underpowered weapons. 

And I'm not calling for a spear buff because I'm mad I spent my gold on it. I have 15k gold in excess. I don't buy cosmetics because they're silly, and I save for when a new weapon comes out. I have all of them, and I played extensively with each before making my decision that Claws and Sword are unnecessarily powerful as compared to other weapons (ranged weapons included, though to a lesser degree).

ppl r saying sword is powerful only bcse of its special :p [not saying its bad]


sword is op because it gets two hits and a roll in during a stun (4 dmg) as well as its special

I just simply regret purchasing spear...

You do know that spear's special ability grants you the ability to travel over the spikes quickly and safely right? Anyway, I think that the spear's special should be a charge that grants you invincibility while charging with a spear in font of you. The charge should do a little less than a health potion's worth of damage. Also, the clash effect shouldn't apply to the spear since you are stabbing not swinging.


Still most important is skill. I know this post is about weapons, but player must found which weapon is the best in their hands. 

Also there is one more thing which make sword special stronger than other weapons, even claws. And it's not invisibility. It's knockback and when you know how use it, you can basically throw your enemy in direction which you want. And with dash you can throw your enemy on great distance what can give you usefull advantages in different situations. 

But still sword user =/= other sword user because everyone fight different with each weapon and some players with sword can sucks, but play very good with bow for example.


well but actually think about it, now that the clash mechanic its a thing, the spear losed a lot of advantage, because if you were far, the weapons did not clash then you secure a hit without getting hit, but not now, and even more so when the clash thing is broken


True. With this info i think i know how buff spear and keep this weapon balanced. First make higher dmg from 1.25 to 1.50 or 1.75 and because special not have combat abilities this 1.75 dmg is acceptable. Second buff is remove clash mechanic for spear what bring back better range as usefull thing. Also because spear attack is stab, this will be look better and more real. I think also about one more buff, and what i mean is dealing 1 dmg in small radius when you using special, but i don't want make this weapon too over powered, so i suggest adding buffs slowly and checking, how it affect on gameplay.

swords special knockback is useful when ur surrounded by noobz xD