Mission names

TheLegion27 4 years ago updated by Brai 4 years ago 14

This is a rather simple idea. The missions have names along with them. And with my simple Idea I give a lenny, and a possible mission.


Description: Win an arena round with a punch

Lenny: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

simple, good, and right to the point.

I like mission names. Maybe add in comments possible names for current missions? This can help Rez so much.

Could you give me a list of all the missions? Then I could accurately name them.

It's just one mission name. Why you named this topic "Mission names"?

It was a proposal to give names to the missions, not a post about possible names for them, but. I'll probably make some possible names in the comments here.


Lumberjack: Cut down ten trees
Boom!: Kill someone with a mine
Slaughterhouse: Kill 10 people

Goal!: Win a game of football

Carpenter: Repair the gate using 16 pieces of wood

Those are the quests I've gotten


Gladiator: Win any arena match

gg no re get rekt scrub: Win an arena match without losing once.

Striker: Score two goals in one football match.

Leo Messi: Score three goals in one football match.

that´s the real messi there xD he good

Rez pls add mission names. It's one of those easier additions, not nearly as hard as adding weapons or ogres or anything like that.