Zeis Lion 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 6

The football mode is a very enjoyable and fun mode.

But...It can be less fun when other players just target players and don't even play football.

Im suggesting that  PvP would be removed out of football.   BUT the rolling aspect stays the same

1) When you roll at someone , the player gets knock down on the floor but....he takes no damage!


2) When you roll at someone it does damage to the other player but ....You might get a yellow/red card and get into timeout!  Maybe a few secs or 1 whole min ?


Let me know in the comments what you prefer and why!


maybe the knock down effect of the roll could be longer ?


actually that would be horrible cause 2 can just get in the gol and the ball would not enter even if you knock them

also thas good cause some of the players do that thing were they attack you (the only one that knows how to play) and the afk or noobs stay doing nothing.. there are even ones that stay on the gol and when the other guys are close they move out of the way.. so no. 


Technically this is not football. This is brutal football, and best thing in this mode is possibility of kill your opponents. Without it, this mode will be just normal boring football.


Boring? Hahahaha sometimes. But rarely. In the game it is boring. BTW go buy yourself a fifa and play football there.

I mean football in wilds will be boring without ability to kill opponents. I like normal football :D