Back Pack

Sir Masakiller 4 years ago updated by Poke Hano 4 years ago 16

mm.ok if I not know what post him sorry no idea :(

Now You choose the hotkeys and i add him well here is the image :)

i not have experience with pixel art so here is the backpack

a little ugly xD

here are a zoomed of the back pack :)

here are the sprite           

Does it do anything special? Is everyone wearing it?

The Badpack are a rarely object

you can get the backpack of 2 forms

1)In the chests you rarely found the badpack 

30-40% to get him in the chests


PD:Yeah is rare find a back pack on a chest but (for me) Is a little OP get 2 slots 

For what If you are all of life potions 2 in the back pack and two in the inventory you regenerate your life instantly

And More how to have 2 mines in the backpack and 2 in the inventrory you can destroy the two fort doors so is rarely for them

2-In the boxes You PRETTY rarely found the badpack

10-15% to get him in the boxes


and no no all wearing only if you search in the boxes or chests

so dude solved no ?

sorry for not add this to the post i nevermind sorry well bye

ah sorry i not specificate him wait a moment

This is a pretty good idea. You temporarily get a backpack from the treasure chest or boxes. Just redo the sprite. it's overlapping the player's head

like a hotkey to open the backpack ?

I like this idea and i know how add it as not too op item.
In backpack players can have only wood (maybe Incoming stones). When player put in to it wood/stones his speed is decreased. In fort or close to it can be shop with back packs and everyone can buy it however, this item could be destroyed when player put in to it and drop, for example 10 items. 

I thinking also about possibility to put other items to back pack, but this ability should be good countered because players can abuse it in fight. I think decreasing speed can solve this problem. Also items should be only throwed from backpace when you want use it.

How about backpacks can be interactive?

What you exactly mean?

by interactive you can pick them up move them etc cause it wood(;) make for some cool things where one guy stays and gets wood the other runs to give the wood to the fort Stuff like that

Backpack can be op?? I dont think so lol

Backpack can be op only when player can use it as two more active slots, like normal eq.

Lol had thought of that
It would be better to a backpack to carry more wood
Because it's annoying to make two full inventory trips only to build a door that is knocked over with two pumps


i dis-agree with the chest drops i think the chests should drop more gold but i digress.

i think the backpack should be an upgradeable item that can be bought in the store for 1k gold. when you first buy it you get one extra slot that is miscellaneous the hotkey could be "RTY" and each time you buy a backpack you increase the storage by +1