New Items

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 10

I think it would be cool if there were a new item added.

Some ideas:

Invisibility Potion

Rage Potion (Beast Mode)




Also maybe have the items hidden, or have a little side quests within the map where you can get them. Such as: Parkour, Killing a Monster, Getting so many Wins in a row, ect.

Other things that could be found:

* Special armor that can't be bought.

* Funky Weapon with weird ability.

* Cloaks.

* Etc....

If anyone has any other ideas for possible new Items that would be cool.

rage potion and powerup potion (the yelow one) arent the same thing??

Potion of invisibility would not be very op?

It would be, but think of it - you can use it too, to set a trap :D Imagine this: you use the potion and you're staying in one place, because you're waiting for an enemy running away to finish him. As he gets closer, you're getting ready to throw a finisher knife or set a mine that will make enemy confused (WHERE THE FUCK DID IT COME FROM? AH!) and eventually possibly die. It should be a very rare potion though - it might be abused.

Also - a boomerang is a very cool idea!

I also think the boomerang is a good idea but how it could be used without losing it

Because it will be a throwing item like the knife

May be adding too much work for Rezoner, but these weapon ideas should be kept in mind later on in the further development of the game.