New game mode: Goblin survival

Geoffrey Cambefort 8 years ago updated by Cake Wolf .. 6 years ago 15

First, the 2 actual modes are awesome.

To continue with an easy game mode for lone wolves & gamers' guilds:

> What do you think about a survival mode where you need to survive continuous waves of goblins?

People will try to beat the record everyday ;)


add some new creatures to like bears and maybe new creatures


nice idea


goblins or other creature... (new)


I'm still crying after deleting Goblin Tsunami. My 3-years brother was laughing, i got a challenge :D


An "Invasion" mode! With increasing difficulty, lasting 10 to 15 minutes. First goblins, then goblins and bots, then bots and mammoths, and then goblin, mammoths and worms!!


dragons, titans, GODS!! XDDD

My mind goes crazy :v


Bump! I want this implemented, it seems like it would be a simple mode other than just slashing/firing away at goblins! Some changes could be made, like maybe a random bear will spawn with them?

Or you could make a group and fight the horde with them!

So many ideas flow through, I just can't call upon them! D:

But anyways, please implement this, it seems as if it would be simpler to make than wand or, well.. anything else.

Thanks! I rambled for way too long about this xD

~Seraph, currently Azhajorath Nezavv Lo'fae


Goblin waves get harder and there are more and more goblins and ogres


I think more new creatures needed to make this mode better

I remember this was on that small survey Rez gave us when the new version of Wilds came out. I voted for monsters over CTF. This would be cool!

Idk the speed of attacking wouldnt be able to keep up with harder waves of goblins. Only if they increase the attacking speed after each goblin wave

great face idea