Murder / Death leaderboard system (M/D)

shad7 6 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 6 years ago 11

........................M/D System........................

It will work like this: 

Let's take an example:

The player 'Raaa' Raq' murdered 60 players and died 5 times, the M/D will be 12.00, the number of murder will be divided by the number of deaths, the higher your KD the more efficient you are.
The name of this Leaderboard will be Most Efficient Players (please if you think other name, talk in Comments).
This system will only work with players, (if the player don't have an account in Wilds.io, this system will not work), and will work only in Fort mode

Another example:

The player Dead Wolf murdered 6 players and died 12 times, then his M/D be 0.50

note: this system will not work if you create another guide, enter the game and kill yourself

Good idea

The player Ondera has killed 763 players and has died 1 times

Rezoner said once that he don't want this system in game...

Not much of a deal,since death and kill ratio is presneted by more or less bones in rank.

but a precise K/D would be cool so you can know how good you're doing