Something wrong with game

wildsio player 6 years ago updated by Cake Wolf .. 6 years ago 6

Once i clicked play everything gone well, i've joined a game and started killing opponents, after about 10 minutes of playing, server was nearly empty, I continued playing and saw that there's no particles of killing, exchanging items etc. also thrown weapons were disappearing when throwed. I opened console and there were much errors (they were counting up), i made a short video which shows the entire bug, don't look at chrome tab and these changes between fullscreen mode (it was necessary to do that because as you can see in that video - map wasn't showing much) while playing i saw even chicks (from easter "event")

Probably Egzekutor or Rezoner was doing an event (it rarely happens ...) Either they were testing
new things in the game or bugs, and by doing so they might have bugged the game or something ..

Sometimes my particles disappear, and people start turning into things like trees, rocks, and doors, and that's when I know the game's about to die. (crash)

This happens in console while that bug occurs:

Today that bug again occurred, but game was like on LSD and errors in console were multiplying super duper fast, for 40 secs of video there were about +5k errors, here's video which shows "gameplay" while there's that bug, even with opened console to show how drunk is game while playing, there were also messages about flags from CTF (idk what's wrong with video quality, it was set at 1080p but youtube must do smth with them)

man this seems to be rare of course