Silver Bracelet - Secondary Weapon

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated by Phroenix BR 6 years ago 5

Silver Bracelet

The silver bracelet would be for aesthetic purposes as well as for purposes of battle.

By holding the scroll of the mouse, would appear several letters in the screen, which you would have to enter quickly in a time of 3 seconds. Every time the power is activated, the code changes, so there are no memory advantages

_The more numerals you hit, the longer the bracelet special will last:

If you miss four digits the power is not activated

Benefits Of the Power:

+25% body damage (kicks, punches)

+10% resistance 

Malfunctions Of The Power:

-25% racing speed

-10% attack speed

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Only one note, the speed of RACE decreases, not the one of movement!

How long would it last if you hit 5 digits?

30 seconds 

Idk, 30 seconds is more than enough... +1