WilderLord 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 7

ok, so at least just make this guy shut up for once. the rules are one post per week... look at how many bloody post he just damn made. wtf, and most of them suck, and i cant understand them. he is flooding this usercho. he needs a warning, and if he doesn't listen he needs a temporary ban.

those are ALL old. That guy was banned a LONG time ago...in a galaxy far, far away...

Or is this old to? Idk anymore :/

He's already banned months or years ago. His posts are just showing up because SOMEONE bumped his posts.

Mom is an idiot, but he’s a cool idiot... He probably had a reason

Most likely he got bored ;-;...or is it the Seva Revolution thing...I have no clue .-.

ok good, lel. i didnt realise that XD