Dragolich has returned

WilderLord 6 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 6 years ago 5

Long time no see community. i quit playing wilds.io quite a while ago, i headed off, and actually got some jobs designing other io games. but now i'm back. i understand this game is... dying. but we can get it back to where it was, hopefully. so yeah, i think you will be seeing me around a bit again, i guess the game has changed a lot, since i first started making posts, back when half of the others were just "nerf zerk" or "pay 2 win unfair" etc. so yeah. that's it i guess, see ya round.

Welp, welcome back Dragolich. This game isn't "dead" YET, as Rezoner is always going to have his hands full with other games. Try to look back at previous forum posts, and yeah, it was kinda hell and war months ago. Now, we are suddenly "normal", while trying to fix the forums.


who is this person


Heh long time not see. However game is only looks it’s dying. For real there is still so much players. Statistics don’t lie :p


Statistics might not lie, but they do not show the full truth either.

someone who gets it

the only people that are left playing this game are the people who are so damn attached to it that they will rather ruin their life than quit a stupid, average, not even exceptionally fun game

(me 4 months ago)