Pick a team/ spawn point

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      My idea is to simply add a feature that allows you to pick which team you want to start on before you play the game. Example: you click on the fort mode and you are given the question "what team would you like to start on?" You are presented the options none, brown team, and grey team. Click on the team you wanna spawn on and you'll spawn on it.

Bonus: Maybe picking where you wanna spawn? This isn't very important, but I'll just throw the idea out there. Comment if you want this one in, too.

I'm not sure if the whole picking a team before we start the game was kinda implemented....

Cause I used to keep spawning as a renegade, possibly because that was my most used/picked "team"?...Could be wrong.

Now I keep spawning as a Brown or Grey member. This function could also be very useful, but there should be a limit on how many people are on certain teams. What i mean is a balance function on how many people are on certain teams.

(Does the balance function even exist anymore?)

Picking where you want to spawn is actually nice...but it's kinda op. I could keep spawning to the King/Queen or to anyone that low on health to just easily kill anyone. There should be a limit to where you can spawn.

Or, Rez could fix the spawn point locations, especially the "black" team spawns, cause those are a pain in the neck.

I like this because I always want to be on a "no team." I prefer this idea then commiting suicide when you spawn.

this will make it easier to chase BILBOOO