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Delete MY ACCOUNT Rezoner

Delete ME 6 years ago updated by Mooster 6 years ago 11

Herewith I want my account in Wilds.io (not only the forum) permantly deleted. Sadly this function is not included in this game, as it should be, because as it is EU Standard. And if you have stored or collected personal information, please delete them also. Thx for the game it was a lot of fun, wish you all the best for the future Rezoner.

Rank: Place 6 

Bones: 73.291

Name: B O D Y G U A R D


No reason. Simply just lost interest.

Feedback (I can say that I'm one of the first players since the beginning (also played the first dune map), so I think Im able to give a qualified feedback.

  • Lately to much Lags (I have an high end pc and 50k Wifi), My ping is usaly between 2 - 10 but still extreme lags. Especially if the Giants are alive. I know servers are expensive.
  • Lately I noticed a lot of bots in the game! 
  • I hated the small green goblins....I had a feeling, I'm a goblin magnet
  • Game is totally unbalanced:
    • Axe = ok . Can be used to fight and for gathering wood
    • Sword = needs fix. Gives damage only in the beginning of the special attack. No other function, so there is something missing
    • Hammer = Swings to fast. Has an extra function (can destroy fort door)
    • Bow = Archer should have less hp and shooting the bow should cost stamia!
    • Wand = should have less Hp but more stamia (maybe reg both stamia bars).
  • Kicking doesnt work properly 40 % of the times
  • Idea: Weapons should be upgradeable
    • e.g. after collection 50 Bones ...Weapon does 10% more damage or something like this

Thats it. See you guys and have fun.

Why delete your account and not just leave it there to preserve your awesomeness? That's what I'd do.

Because hoe wants attention

Very good idea. But thats not me :D..so please delete it anyways

Fucking attention seeker, we dont need to know the amount of bones you have or your rank. By the way losing interest is a reason.

Also, you need to provide proof that the account is actually yours...

Did you by any chance get kicked out of your tribe despite being the creator?

I think I have made her tribe owner again right after the mistake so she didn't noticed. I hope.

Under review

There is no such user name.

Name you hero something like ihwqehuhu1231234
and post the name here.

Okay i named the hero : "ihwqehuhu1231234"

Ok, bye. Thanks for playing. I hope you will come back from time to time to check if my games have improved for you :)


I kind of like the after 50 bones idea...