Annoying people

UgandianWarrior 3 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 3 years ago 7

I encountered a flock of noobs today ,decided to kill them...when I did they spammed :"HACKER" and "YOU HAVE HACKSSS!!!" for 30 fu#king minutes straight then called me names like :fu#ker ,nigg3r  etc.

And now you may been thinking:"But there is a  limited amout of messages you can send."

Yes,they did get muted but they continiued to spam after the mute...

They even threatened me with a ban (lol)

This toxicity is very annoying to me since I can't focus on the game and they kept insulting me.

I know this is a dumb post but we need more strict chat filters for words such as nigg3r etc.

I even saw some people being racist and spamming insults to black people and praising kkk and making dumb jokes about bleach....

It's just fucking dumb isn't it??


A filter might help a little, but in the end you cant stop toxic people. You can always send the message across but putting a * or something to make the word pass through, for example f*ck.



Surprised Egze hasn't threatened to ban you with your dead memes you've been posting around.   And filter can censor but so much, and even if it does, you can't change what people are gonna say, their gonna say nigger, either you like it or not, because people can make the word nigger in 300 ways.   N!gger Niger, Nigr, Niggur, Niggar,  Niggel,  Nig nig.    It's how everyone just says FOCK, and FAK, or whatever. 


This is main problem with chat filter. Each word must be added manually, and this is hard work because there is so much players from different countries. Best way is just command which give ability for mute user.

and put take off ban after spaming 

and lift ban on saying f%c@


I can't tell if any of the rules on the forums are going to be enforced with all the memes, jokes, wasted ideas, and shitposts...oh wait

Hypocrisy, 'kvek'.

I seriously disagree. The chat filter is already pretty annoying and players wouldn't like that, especially when they must wait a minute just to chat again.


woooo the hypocrisy with this one is strong