This very weird incident in Arena (1 versus 1)

Etheric Form 7 years ago updated by UgandianWarrior 7 years ago 3

I was playing in arena when the player I was up against dropped me from full to 1/4 in health. How does that happen?

Here are the clues:

  1. Player still had weapon in his hands so not throwing his weapon.
  2. He had claws and did not use special on me when the incident took place.
  3. I had 13 ms.
  4. He was very close to me when he dropped me to 1/4.
  5. He used claws attack (normal).
  6. He did not stagger me or make me fall down. 
  7. I was ranked three arrows and the opponent has ranked two arrows.

My theory is that lag took place and freeze-ed my character while my opponent dropped me to 1/4. Still, I do not know exactly what happened but I highly suggest that this gets an immediate fix because this is game-breaking. I do not want to drop quickly just because of lag. I really despise this kind of gameplay and I don't want to see anymore of this. Everyday when I log on to play, all I see is lag, lag, lag, lag, lag and more lag. It's so common, that I don't even bat an eye when I see a player just moving in one direction for no apparent reason. This happens to me too and even at 13 ms, I don't like it at all. Keep in mind that I play primarily on North American server and I have 13 ms. What is this? Can you do anything about this? Honestly, no one wants to lose all their hard work to lag.


For the lag problem:

I suggest Rezoner makes a lag-free option, in which there isn't any blood effects perhaps, maybe the graphics just turn bad.


When he used the claws attack, did your health drop? Like, as he hit you, your health dropped? 

What was the name? (THis isn't really important but I'd like to know- It might have been Unsummon using his magicky skills and you don't see a thing.

Lag is possible. What country are you from?

What weapon did you have? Was it still in your hand?

Anyways, that's it. DETECTIVE MRRPPP OUT!

I cant take you seriously by you calling yourself "detective mrrppp" ?

I am from North America.

I had sword that time. Yes, it was still in my hand.