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So, ever since Master of the Weapons has started his journey to 1,000 points, the ranks have risen to keep up. This has made lots of people lose rank, including myself (but since I'm a pro, I can get it back). I suggest a new rank. One Rank to rule them all. It's basically a crown. Yep. This crown is given to whoever has the most rank. The only way to get the crown or steal it from the current leader is to get more points than him/her. The point limit is infinite, or maybe just 10,00 rank points. With the crown, the ranks won't rise with Master (at least, I hope they won't -_-). Maybe they will experience a drop back to their former need points number (200-210 for 2 stars, and so on). As it is, I got 3 stars once with 258 points. I have 100+ more than that, and I'm 3 stars. Currently you need 250 (I think) points to gain 2 stars, which, as previously mentioned, was enough to get 3 stars. The bottom of the leaderboard is now 1 star, whereas it used to be 2. Bottom line, just because Master wants 1,000 points (which he can have, if he can get it) doesn't mean we should all go down b/c he goes up.

Did you post this because you have a low rank? For the love of God...

Why would you bump this. Let it die man


something like it?

Yes, but I was thinking somewhat more simpler, with less jewels and stuff.