Map Rework

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by issa04 6 years ago 9

It is December. So I thought to myself, how about we make snow fall in wilds.io as well as Christmas presents? We didn't quite make the Halloween theme for wilds.io so maybe Rezoner will go out of his way to make wilds.io into the Christmas theme.

I am aware that it is not quite Christmas yet, but Halloween theme was never implemented into wilds.io so I assume that an early Christmas would be welcoming to everyone...

I am also aware that some parts of the world are not experiencing winter. Never the less, a Christmas themed Wilds.io will bring back all if not most of the positive memories we had for wilds.io and perhaps even our own personal lives.

Is rezoner back or not? im confused

+1 to the idea btw

he never left us lmao

boi, he just said in my post he'll be back (to fixing wilds.io) before Christmas cause he wants to release wanderers.io before Christmas...get it?

Yea yea,I understand..

He's working on a Winter Map with some peeps so It will come soon I guess ._.)

I don't know how well the winter map is coming along. I'm pretty sure rez is not working on it himself, since Issa04 said he would work on it. I'm not sure how much issa's done or whether he's still working on it.

Stay sure that im working on it. Time ago i did 2 different trees but I didnt 
show it to you because - as Egze said - i have to start with ground because 
without ground you dont know if that trees are good or no. Anyway i havent so much time 
because im busy with programming things so let me the right time pls. 

If u want to see all winter map ideas go here: http://wilds.userecho.com/forums/1-general/topics/3903-a-set-of-ideas-for-a-new-map/

At this moment probably only issa is working with winter map. Also Rez told, he want add winter update with some winter themed things, so it’s very possible he is gonna do it after he finish the game.