This forum turned into a fiasco ._.)

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Now for the past few days there was this fuss about Seal and Ukryty,about them being "trolls".

And there was a fuss about the user named 'You'...

So I will just anwser 3 questions ._.)

>> Is 'You' Seal's alt acc?

-Myth/proof: 'You' wants Seal and Ukryty as mods..


No, 'You' is NOT Seal's alt acc,since I checked his history ,his gmails and there is only his gmail so nope...

'You' could have been new to the forum and read down all the topics comments etc. and could easily write a topic about Seal and Ukryty...

Anyone could be 'You',I have a feeling it's Jashin but thats only my thought....

I don't believe Ukryty has an alt acc,

but I have no proof over it....

>>Seal and Ukryty are trolls?

-proof (Fake one): Seal is talking about something like this:"Where are my explosive arrows?",and Ukryty wont shut up about arabs.

No,they are not,since being a troll is just making shitpost,spamming and anything not related to the forum and Wilds.io .

Although Shitpost is forbidden in topics,they didn't say anything about shitpost in comments,although you must behave ....

Seal and Ukryty can get a little bored sometimes so yea.

>> Is Very Kvek 'You'?

Anwser: No,even though I have 2 gmail accounts ,there is no point registering the other one ...

I only have a alt acc for emergencys if somebody  steals 'Very Kvek' account .

Please if you have to post a hate comment/topic for god's sake keep it decent with hate and only post if it's important,if it's something thats not important please keep it to yourself.

Thank you for reading  this,I hope you wont hate Seal and Ukryty anymore. 


Very Kvek 

P.S Sorry for grammar mistakes don't point them out in the comments.

Please read the part where I mentioned the rules again,

Thank you.

It's called citing the source.

I changed my name


only one thing remains now

what to talk about ._.

Let's all have meeting in game..

Oh Hell no my Account in game is a ghost town

...Well, we can't just keep pointing fingers at people out of this damn chaos because: 1) Some people lie or deceive 2) Hypocrites 3) We can't swallow our pride.

I can't help but disagree with you on some of this. First of all, no one said urkrty and seal are trollers. Everyone is mad at them for constantly spamming comments that are off-topic, which they do a lot. Secondly, you shouldn't be posting a shitposts anywhere, whether it's in the comments or not. And "you" is definitely not jashin.

i dont see why i would name my alt "you", very boring name

anyway, choose to believe me or not, i dont get bored enough to make alt accounts

One guy on the forum said ukryty and seal are trolls

I said I only have a feeling its Jashin but I have no proof over it...

shitpost comments are a jo


i wish i was you

then i could see what the hell is wrong with him