A Request For The Community

Ruby Rose 5 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 5 years ago 14

...First of all, lay down the unnecessary arguements of "profiling" one another, it doesn't help out on anything other than creating another crappy war.

Second of all, please take constructive criticism seriously Whether you don't care about the "feedback" you get, take it in, we are just trying to improve the forums and yourself.

Third of all, don't bump irrelevant topics, and also, don't make repetitive posts of the same idea or concept, we only need one. But, you could do a "re-post" on a topic to improve it.

Fourth of all (For sensitive people ;_;), don't post any personal things or such onto the forums, you won't get any advice here. Also, don't ask "Why?" on those things ,-,

Feel free to comment some criticism or stuff, willing to take it all.

~Love, Ruby Rose

Well you're right,we need to take everything seriously now and figure out solution blah blah blah and also consider things less dramatic and more thoughtful.Beggining from me.I'l stop posting "shittcomments" and post more relevant ones to topics.

you said the same thing two months ago LOL

I was in last few months offline,ty very much.


Criticism: I HATE YOU!!!

Not really, just wanted to say it has been somewhat rough lately in the forums, personal wars have been waged, people have started sobbing and giving us sad stories about their lives and how they have no friends n shit.  It's been a fucking mess frankly, and there's nothing much that can be done.   But maybe people vented already and the worst is over now.  Also no one talks on the discord about these issues.  

I claim responsibility for attacking 2 people and i will gladly back down whenever they stop saying stupid things :I with no humor attached or even meaning.


We are speak about it in discord, and most of people want go back to forum, but after when this place will be cleaned from people who don’t know how to exist in such place.


Let's have council argument on discord in Friday or weekends if possible since I'll be at home then.

That way we will settle this conflict once and for all,like in democracy,as much as I hate it,but this is exeption now.

The whole forum is already a mess. When Rez cleans all of our crap, oh boy...

Pooper scooper. He's gonna come back and be overflowed with crap.

So yes, we should stop acting like toddlers and stop sending poop posts.


oooook. I don't think I've 'offended' anyone yet :/ However, I'll take this into account :D


How about we add another thing onto the list: Stop posting irrelevant comments. If it has little or nothing to do with the post, don't put it on the forums. We want constructive feedback, not random side comments spammed on every post.

Yup. Anything about new weapons, new enemies, and any new item shouldn't be posted...As just what Rez said "I can just type "it" on google."