What you don't like in Wilds.io? What do you want to change?

Zagłoba 6 years ago updated by Mild Mannered Pate 6 years ago 20

What you don't like in Wilds.io? What do you want to change?

Please, comment!

Imć Zagłoba

Bots A.I,fix all bugs in general,buff ice staff(not for mine,for others sake),reduce BOW's reload speed and induce damage like before,PLEASE.+1


Do something to stop bow's success in the arena and bro wars.

I second that motion



Shield bash, directional kick, bows, bow infinite arrows, bow abuse, bow rank abuse, bow browares abuse, people who do nothing but run and wait for specials to recharge, claws, uselessness of spears and last but not least . . a majority the new community.

Way to fix?

Rezoner giving the game to someone more dedicated and appreciative value toward the community, or atleast an admin on this forum, or a secondary producer to actually make our ideas happen and do weekly fixes while just asking for the OK from rezoner.    I personally despise Rezy for breaking the kick and leaving us with this abused bullshit.


i personally liked shield bash, but the rest i agree with

What I hate?: The community and the hypocrites.

What I want to change?: Almost everything ,-,

we're all hypocrites, you said it yourself lol. nothing we can do about it

.-. That's the point, we all make everything hell lmao.

I know that.It's lost cause.

  1. The over-powering presence of bows in ranked modes, (especially arena and bro-wars)
  2. The mute system. (It serves as more of an inconvenience than it is supposed to be doing)
  3. The periodic summoning of Bots to chase after the king. (Especially annoying when you have people chasing you already).

Here is my personal list of mechanics that I think may need some additional tweaking.

Broken kick+bow user+asshole= Rage quit

meh I just hate how there are no more updates 

so it becomes repetitive

so whens this new game coming out 

Yea,kick needs change cuz' either lates,doesn't deflect projectiles or doesn't show up.

Fucking turks 

_/(`<`)\_ (no racist,but there must be a turk limit

Peeps your view at bow is kinda wrong. Here is no problem with bow, but with kick. Before Rez changed kick, bow was not op and possible to counter as all weapons. Now, when often after kick you receive dmg this is problem, but also wand have here big plus. I’m sure, when kick will be fixed you gonna confirm my words : ]

Well bow is fine but that damn kick..

Egzekutor. I never said "nerf bow". I merely stated that it needs to be fixed.

Bow still breaks the idea of a melee hack and slash game, I still believe in time either people bow or do not bow, if the game is still alive that is.