For SheePy :o

UgandianWarrior 3 years ago updated by Etheric Form 3 years ago 11

SheePy I`m sorry for being mean to you,so I made this,only for you SheePy :3 Can you forgive me? :I

I know it`s bad ,but I did my best :I

(Ik that I shouldn`t be posting more than 1 topic a week ppl)


Very Kvek 

P.S I hope you like it SheePy :)

Ik this doesn`t relate 2 anything in game :I

Nice cat. It's a little fat, though...

Why aren't you chasing this cat?! You're a dog! Go fucking chase this cat! ............Nah, your choice.

It's too deformed, I don't chase deformed cats.

Mrrppp dumbass It`s a sheep -3-

LLLLLLLL 4 u Mrrppp <33


Nice Drawing Why should you be sorry ? dont be! xD

Yea,I agree.Just look at me,my drawings are ballucks.

You know, jashin is right in a way. Now we have Seal's sister promoting irrelevant topics. We should strive to post better topics.