Community Climax: A Mild Mannered Fate

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There stands two choices in front of us at this instance.

Surviving as a community and getting passed the annoyances and the hate.

Or going down with this game

This game has been up for what?  2 years? and it's survived this long this strong?   it's rather amazing, and frankly rough seeing it starting to sink down like a ship full of bullet holes.

The forum has been a roller coaster of calm good ideas and trolling/old post bumping, and many people's conclusion is that to make anyone of us admin would be a good idea, but in reality it isn't and I only see it further leading to our demise.  Further more the player base is slowly dwindling and we find ourselves at a point to where the game could possibly just become forgotten and dead.

You'd think a game that used to be a bunch of people with friendships, rivalries, and hell, overcoming a steep learning curve would stay up and be the same, every time going into the game you used to be able to see familiar names all the time and see a community that was just having a lot of damn fun when we all stood on lower ground. (because archers stay on the high ground)

It's gone . . just about.  And it's a rarity to see decent people in the US server, though some exceptions.  But the point is we've come to a point to where wilds is going to fall or rise. And it's entirely up to us, and rezoner (when he comes back).   I first off understand Rezoner has dreams and other games to tend and he has a family but atleast skimming over the problems and fixing a thing or two or atleast putting input in it to ease us wouldn't hurt, and wouldn't take that long.

And finally it's also up to the community to see the bigger picture, that this game has updated a lot and they need to keep trying to keep this game going.  Rezoner can't do everything and us as players it's our duty to voice our oppinions respectfully about problems, and try to use common sense.  Examples of destructive behavior:

-some of the most respected people in the community even respond to the troll posts that can easily be ignored

-not seeing bluntly hate written posts, and not dealing with them correctly and causing more drama

-dividing the community more and even raiding good ideas

-and not coming together to create or even expand on ideas given by our peers.

Yea, I wasn't the best either.  I joined the forum to extend concern for the broken kick but grew angry with the lack of support and the new reign of people coming in to abuse the broken system without a bat of an eye.  Because face it . . if there is a vulnerability in a multiplayer game, people are going to abuse it regardless, and defend themselves without thought for others so they can keep getting those high ranks and bones.  Sometimes logic isn't everything, sometimes compassion is key.   And I'm ready to help this game, so should those who play it, to help it for the better.  

And for all of you who don't get the 'honor' or sorta self righteous codes people have in this game, remember that it's a game, we have fun fighting in it and it's unlike no other.  For long enough time the community has had a great attitude toward bettering their selves, having better fights, and having fun.  The 'honor' and self placed rules of ways that the game should be looked at is because we used to ALL have fun in this game, that's why people cherish the old days.  And we should have that respect towards each other when ever in a duel, and atleast give consideration to one another when in fort though fort is a different story.      Though it may not be explicitly said what self made rules there are, there is a certain degree of common sense in this, and it's simply do not be an unfair jerk and respect your opponent.

But maybe this is wasted pushing of buttons . . . I hope not, because I still believe in this community, because this game can thrive if we all put differences aside.

This game lives or dies.

LET IT LIVE!!! I agree with you. Without a dev, the game is kinda gone. I note you put 'when Rezoner gets back'. I can only hope to agree with you...I will be sad to see the game go if it does, but if Rez comes back...we're not dead yet :D


P.S. I actually read the whole thing :D :D

egzekutor told me if wanderers earns enough money for rez he would like to buy moderators


Actually Egzekutor would probably be the best choice for a mod, seems he's been calm and collect like a moderator should be, and doesn't respond to negativity and knows when to say something so yeeaaa . . . hope that does become a thing, and maybe that would help us

I honestly don't know how I should feel about this. I haven't been playing wilds for the whole time it's been around (I've been here for about a year). Originally some guy just introduced my into wilds.io and then spag and cake just persuaded me to play more. Then I started getting better and earning bones until I just set the goal to get near the top of the leader boards. Now that I've reached that goal I don't know what to do now. If this game goes, I'm fine with that. I can understand. After all, I could definitely take like a VERY long break from this game. My eyes are hurting right now. But if the game rises... well thats amazing! Many people have been posting topics like this in the forums and I never took the time to actually read them until now. The reason I bothered to read this one is, well, I cant really ignore


"And it's a rarity to see decent people in the US server" lmao

uncommon is a better word



This is one of the best forum posts I've seen. People should have absolutely NO reason to downvote. 

Conflict has and always will be part of life. Honestly, I think it makes things interesting, and besides, it's not going away anytime soon. There is absolutely no problem with people arguing, and frankly, being jerks to each other, that's part of life and not bad to boot. What I've  found in life is that there's a limit. Some wise guy said that ""your freedom ends where it bumps up against others freedom" There's a limit to everything. We should just all remember that.

Yeah, and as pate said, don't forget to post good ideas :)

Thank you for the response <3.   

I'm too tired to read all of this... I just wake up 5 minutes ago and somehow I did turned on computer with neck and head hurt and 39-40 degrees temperature.

Then I add I give cookies to those who read

And what I will get for it? I can't eat ANYTHING, my neck hurts too much when eating.

It's been a huge roller coaster of feels for me, as I've had old friends who left so suddenly long ago.

I've seen the community and the game develop, and it was great seeing the community tag along each other to do stuff that Rez couldn't do alone. The game alone is great, but the community can change a whole lot.

The community now can't really figure out a compromise after Rez started working on another game. We are all hypocrites one way or another, and we will all disagree on our views at some point. This forum may seem "post-apocalyptic", but in time, it'll rebuild itself by the time Rez has time for us. I mean, we are in a community that's really competitive, toxic, and helpful... and if you mix that all together you get a load of problems that are brought up into the forums. Many factors have changed us such as irritating bugs and of course, people. 

I've had fun in the old days, cherishing those epic moments when I started an "invisible base", and cherishing those tough moments of "death by rolling onto a rock". We all have stuff we like about this game and this community.

Now, it seems like we are in the "crossroads" in the community...self explanatory. It's all up to us to support this game along with Rezoner and some devs...

+1 Welp, good luck community ~

Good luck indeed, appreciate you reading this ruby


For people who do not want to read that much

-I'm sorry for being an asshole

-As a community we should consider respect towards others and give fun to everyone, not just glaring at bow users, as far as I'm concerned I was fine with them until it was taken a tad bit too far

-Highlighting that playing the game and interacting with the game in helpful fun ways is what made old wilds such a great thing

-Highlighting destructive behavior

-Keeping this game alive with our support as it's one of the only games of it's kind with this combat, considering it's so accessible 


'-I'm sorry for being an asshole' lol :D

Yeah, he was an asshole. lulz

>.> dude.  

You forgot your anti autism pills again?

You forgot how to use backspace and enter.

Well you took the time to scroll down :|     I swear if everyone gave as much attention to important subjects as you do sarcastic, spontaneous, senseless comments, the world would be SO much of a better place.

Do I look like I care?!

I think that was intentional, as it was probably meant to mean that you and Ukryty post a crapton of unnecessary comments which take up a lot of space...

(No hate tho)

Well,it's no big deal,as long as you find it that way.Nothing we cannot fix.

horde will live forever