Optional weapon and shield removal whenever desired !

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My bad for being currently innactive due to my condition,but as i came from hospital on couple of days for break,i decided  to make topic about new mechanic that allows you to remove shield and weapon or switch it back whenever wanted.

The concept would include an empty slot for shield and weapon just as with clothes,so players can test their skills without those 2 assets,improving their versatility and spicing fights up.

Being without weapon means relying on fists,obviously,and it would not be any different from state when normaly disarmed.But without shield player can increase his/her mobility in cost of protection.Person could defend himself with weapon,though block could be overall slower or it could break damage in half,one of those options.

Thats about it,let me know what you guys think,or make suggestions in comments.

I will be in next couple of days on my treatment and I will be supervised there so if condition gets worse,in terminal way, I will screw up my health enormusly+I couldnt leave treatment before 26th of December,and  internet connection will be absolute balls.But anyway,looking forward to overcome my bladder and urinal tract wipeout and potential kidney failure,but also being active again and contribute to this comunity.See ya guys.


Hope it goes well... This is an interesting idea...It might make combat a little more fun and exciting. +1

Two shields? Interesting XD

Oh wow,we can even add that if wanted.

defensive berserkerz

if two shields then 360 protection

Well not 360 degrees,more like 280.


Also,dual weapon wielding could be added with smaller defense but doubled attack.

360 degrees? I think it should not be higher than 270, since it is already very defensive but you can only roll, kick and do some combos with dash + items

Or in that case,you could throw one of your shields.

...shield throw would make 1 damage to players and it would be piercing and can be turning with mouse a little.

If you could just block with your weapon, there would really be no point in having a shield in the first place if you could just do that. Also, this seems kind of pointless to me since I doubt many people will bother un-equipping a shield/weapon. The only reasonable time I would un-equip a weapon is if i'm playing soccer and hell that doesn't come that much in handy. Spicing up fights by not using a weapon or shield would be cool, but we all know nobody is gonna try that in fear of losing or getting trash talked or just getting waaaay to cocky. It's a good concept, but I don't see THAT much of a benefit, especially if it's not gonna be used by players. But who knows? Maybe it'll be extremely popular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well,it would be popular upon most of players who will try to test their true skills

Reasons of lose: (made by players, I found it somewhere)

35% lags

45% playing with hacker

20% someone disturbing me when playing

0% no skill

I guess it'd be some trouble but still some chance to make it happen.

Don't you need a hammer? or claws? spear maybe?

Well,any weapon you want.

I just said names of weapons in game which are better in football than in fort.

Well,everyone has their style.Everything ok.