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Just a quick question: Who are Poke Hano, The Shopkeeper, I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST, and selpishuite? I see them on the forum leaderboard. I just want to know the past.

Also, how do you feel about Rezoner's new game? For me, I love this new game and it has a lot of things I like.

the game is out of date cuz the updates are not rolling in 

but still cool tho

I am not talking about the current game.

Joseph, are you idiot or idiot? Maybe read description of topic and then add a comment, ok?

Credit to Jashin for finding the link.  http://rezoner.net/

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i didnt find the link, but whatever

Poke Hano, The Shopkeeper, I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST, and selpishuite are "veterans" of this game/forums considering how long they have been, but only some I believe. I've seen a couple of them back in the day, though, haven't seen most of them for a long time.

(Correct me if I'm wrong)

You're not wrong, and yea, they're not that active anymore.

Sad to see some of them leave so suddenly, I used to be great friends with them ,_,...

selpishuite made just one topic what gave him amazing amount of points to his account, and he is gone from this forum by now since year. Poke Hano was one of contributors, who was doing pixel arts and giving such a nice ideas, but he left this forum long time ago. The Shopkeeper was very special user since he could find every single bug in game and make a topic about it, so almost all his topics was bug reports, fixed of course. He is also leader of EGG tribe (I again forgot it's name, I'm so crass). I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST was active on this forum not very long time ago, but I think he left this forum too. If actual owner of this account said true, previous owner(who was some trolling but some helping the game too) died in unknown situation. Did I forgot someone??

Oh Poke Hano... the nostalgia... BUMP?

How to annoy Seal! #1 - name of article how to annoy Seal.

Why am I not listed in 'new faces'?

New faces are people who are new in this forum, you can be on new faces only for limited time, because other people are coming to this forum too. You joined this forum month ago, and this would be tragic if you keep being on new faces since month, because this would mean nobody comes to this forum.