Don't forget Winter map

issa04 3 years ago updated by Celebrimbor 3 years ago 10

Hey everyone,

I know that's difficult but I thought that it's time that Rezoner start work in winter map, the thing that has attracted the attention of many players.

Many ideas about the map have come out and this can facilitate the work. 

Seen the comments of players im sure that Winter map will be one of more important things in-game, like daily quest and tribe addition. After the break that the game has had in these months winter map addition now can be awesome.

The idea started many months ago, had 53 upvotes and i resumed it because i dont want that winter map be forgotten. I know that is almost impossible but maybe we can do it and it can be in-game from this winter.

 I know that Rezoner is very busy but the idea is almost complete and remember that now, in my opinion, is the right moment to do it after all breaks although that it's very difficult. After the addition i think that you can have a break without players gripes (even thought that none do that).

You aren't alone - if you want help because you're busy just ask a pixel artist. I think that Egze and Brai can help and obviously me too.

I did a discord channel where you can say and post something about your work if you dont want to make a userecho topic.

Rezoner, can you dont forget this idea and try to do it soon?

Thanks for reading, issa04.

P.S Here's the links with all winter map ideas:



As for the discord you are already in the channel.

egzekutor said he was almost done with the grass tiles for a grassy map
also rez is busy with his new game, wanderers.io

That looks GÜD!

Who's ready for another amazing .io game! HYPE TRAIN BOOOOOOOIIIIS.


Seriously...slither.io was the BEST.

all i like about trying new games is discovering them

that amazing feeling when you are still learning the controls by yourself

thats why wilds io isnt so exciting as before for me

despite that im still here cause the community and cause Rezoner <3


dont forget halloween map