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Everybody stop, you all are tards and need to be killed, bob and vegene has turned this site into pornhub, Urkryty has made this a masterpiece theater drama, and everybody else is not helping so shut up and kys

Not everybody but still some people not helping for make this place better...

Er...does the "everyone" include me and other vets and the ones that try to make the forums a better place?...Meh.

im a vet too and I still try to keep this friggin place together

Then normally say veteran,what would cost you to write a bit longer word.Just saying.

;v Welcome to the internet buddy.

How can I help if my ideas don't even get recognized by Rez? I'm currently on his ignore list because I beat him in comments count.

i bet he doesnt care about that

why did you suppose that youre on his ignore list?

I'm just feeling that, and I'm called for him "drama queen"

you just overreacted at him using coinhive, yeah it was a bad thing but meh, he just tested it, didnt use our RAM for mining for a long time


I've been playing hella long. I'm just trying to help out by giving ideas, reporting bugs, and giving people who don't wanna see disgusting shit, a chance to not see something disturbing. I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing instead, but if you aren't going to be helpful, or worse, you're going to post disturbing images, I agree that you shouldn't be here.

I agree and i support this kind of work.


I'm worried that Rezoner was killed by a truck carrying cattle

.-. Possible outcome, very unlikely ;v

I think the game is over, anyway, it was a good game


Let's not give up on it. There are still plenty of players. It's far from dead. For us,"veterans" it kind of feels like it's dying, because so many other veterans are becoming inactive. But there are still plenty of players, and rez is just busy with other stuff right now.

"other stuff" family is just other stuff, nothing important, right?