Bob and vagene and sheep fag

sushisling3r 6 years ago updated by Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago 8

Proceed with caution.

im pretty sure this fag will post another disturbing image on this thread so. yeah... 

this guy needs a ip/location ban cuz srsly he is the reason i lost all faith in humanity

honestly though this guy needs some serious therapy he's probably depressed or have the faggot-syndrome or something.

Not me sheep right?

not you buddy, youre cool :)

agreed, i have stomach disorders because of him


I missed two days of high school cuz of all this.


its not me :( true i trolled you guys alot but i nvr trolled by posting bad images or swearing!


swearing not, but bad images are very questionable.

yes you didnt, but trolling is still annoying

there can be only 2 outcomes to our problem here

1)either you get IP ban and thus wont be able to join wilds.userecho.com ever again (i bet you dont care if you get banned)

2) OR you take a second look at your behaviour and stop trolling (so much)