Restrict access to Arena/Browars/Football for unlogined users

Maldar 7 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 7 years ago 8

Really, it is very simple to beat player, who knows just one-two attacks.It disbalances Arena matches.


...or make guests play only with guests or do ranked arena, ranked browars and ranked football only for players so they get points from ranked type of gamemode, and make casual versions of arena browars and football available for guests and players. Meh, maybe Maldar's idea is better than mine.

I agree,those situations are worst when having noobs against ya or along with you,its rly stupid.

I agree too.

New players also must train, so for you it’s ez win, but for new player it’s very good training. So even if new players get hard rekt from experienced players, they also earn training and can fight better in next fights.

and make players lose the points by guest - SHAMEEEEEEEEEEE

But guests are EASY to beat. Why remove them? Free rank, n' all.

Fun fact. I was never a guest. When it asked for an account, I gave 1. But I didn't change my name from Geralt (because that's the name it gave me). Eventually, I changed it to one of my slither.io alias, (A R C A N I N E). I should change too LOLACIOUS >:)