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"I have no idea for name for my next bullshit post... ummm.. let's just make a dot as title! MOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" - ThereAreSomeWhoCallMe....


Wow! I like this change of pace! You decided to shut the hell up and only say one thing!


Jesus,not again.Not that sheep.You know what,man?I would like to cook you,and then Il maybe think about seeing you with different eyes,but for now your family is first on menu.

See,this is my best cook,making finest cuisine in whole clan.He s serving your cousin right now.You will be next if you dont stop.

he got banned thanks for banning him rezoner

Finally,now I can rest in piece.

thank the Lord, Rez

He's banned??? How do you know???

You can see on his profile lock symbol,the sign he s banned,finaly.

Wooo, the protest (Led by the memes) is now over .-.




kys and gtfo