Freezing and Playing

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So this happens occasionally to me when I play the fort game mode:

I'm in a sort of crowded server trying to get a lead. Nothing new, just the normal. Then I get to a lead of 40 - 100 bones and all of a sudden my game freezes in place. I can see all of my animations looping over and over (along with the other characters around me), but everyone is stuck in place doing whatever animation. This stays like this for about 5 - 20 seconds for me, and then the game plays again and i'm in a whole other spot.

So what happened was that I was pressing down w,a,s, or d to move until the game froze on my screen, but my character was still moving I just couldn't see it. 

So then my game is playing again and all of a sudden I see that either i'm dead and the bones were taken, or goblins are pelting my body with their evil little kicks (nerf goblins they are too OP for me I need a hospital). Then I look to the bottom right and see that my ping has jumped to some insanely high number! So this is obviously not supposed to happen, and I just wanted to post this because i'm sure this happens to other players, too. Maybe there are too many people or something else?

I have no idea, but here's a screen shot while this happened:

Image 2632

P.S. this happens when spectating/playing soccer and arena matches, which is even more problematic.

I have this too. Not sure why.

It hapens to me every 15-25 minutes so it's real pain in the ass.

its obvious that it occurs due to a server connection malfunction but i do not know why does it happen

Because server is on Windows 3.11 XD