Two new game builders

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Two new game builders:


-for his interesting youtube videos 

-chief instructor in wilds training camp and important roles in many discord servers

-pixel artist


-wiki contributer

-winter map builder: it's useless to dany, if the winter map will be in the game before winter thanks to him and Rezoner. He working hard for the new map

-pixel artist

-he is (with Egzekutor) the oldest player in this game. All know himm

What do you think?

Thanks for reading.

pretty sure most of this is not true but bump anyway


T_T soo my videos arent fun?

Ah, Issa. That mysterious person. Heck, I don't even know his/her's gender.

Why mysterious?

Because he don’t know your gender xD

;_: Meh, I'm not even sure what the criteria is lol

those things that you said dont work for people to get that badge...

Pretty sure that Egg is NOT the oldest player in Wilds.io. Remember, Rezoner came first....

Heh true. So i’m one week behind him :p

i want a badge too but i did nothing for that :(

Well,you can earn it many ways.

i need guiding in this domain

hmm why do u need more?

Brai has work, and making youtube videos is not game building :v