Rope bomb abuse: follow up

TheLegion27 7 years ago updated by Etheric Form 7 years ago 8

It's been a looooong time, but I'm back from my break. Disregarding all of that, I made a post about how rope bomb is op, and Radriarth/underscore guy etc. made a suggestion about how a a timer should be set for usage between items, specifically the rope and bomb. Well... it's been 4 months and I thought during this time Rez was working on it... but...

Image 2622...seems like you forgot, so I just thought I'd remind you.

Rope bomb op, *insert lenny face here*, thanks for taking the time to read my post have a good day


Ofcourse the people who do it are going to downvote this, and that's a lot, but rezoner won't do it, even if he could (he won't).  He might lose the 'crowd' that he has built up.   Morality is lost from his soul.

There's actually a way to avoid getting rope bombed. Even if I get roped, I know how to not get bombed. It's not a huge problem for me but it's still irritating. My strat works tho, so it's not a problem. :^) 1+ because I see nothing wrong with it, but nothing beneficial, except probably losing rope bombing ;l and the people who do it, like what pate said.


rope bombs are for noobs/ people who dont want to chase a runner around for an hour strait

i ropebomb only sometimes when i have the 3 ppl with a mine quest but its veeery rare becouse i can just go to practice and make my quest there XD

Eh, I don't really care though. But for people who can't block the grappling hook, meh...do what you wanna do.

P.S: Anyone that states that grapple-bombing is for "noobs", does not make sense. It's taking the use of items into great use, either that, or you can't block the hooks at all ;p


Okay. I admit I use rope-bomb sometimes but hey, it's a strategy. I honestly have no problem when it comes to rope and bomb being used on me, even if it succeeds. In which, I would just hunt that person down.