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Well, I think you can guess what this post is about, but I really wanted it. For this, there would be a new section in the shop called "races." I understand that this would be a lot of work, but I would really like for this to be implemented. None of these races will have buffs, they are purely decorational. Also, another idea that sort of ties into this, maybe skin colors for the basic human?

Cost: 1500 gold
Makes you shorter in appearance.

Cost: 4500 gold
Makes you tall and skinny, with pointed ears. (Elf ears would need to be removed).

Cost: 3500 gold
Makes you tall, buff, and green. (Maybe big canines with an underbite)?

Cost: 2500 gold
Would give you scales, a tail, and a dorsal fin (Ocean Man, anyone?)

Post your ideas below.

ok just for looks,... nice then, night elfs, and some sort of full clothed wizard its good idea... maybe even.. full clothed knight! D:

Nice.  I would like to be a dwarf

Ain't the first topic... could've just bumped an old topic.

i could've, but i feel like mine is good too

You copied my idea -1

and i added one race, and i removed bonuses from races to make it not p2w