Add new weapon

A R C A N I N E 6 years ago updated by J4sh1n 6 years ago 9

Maybe a mace? I just kinda want a new weapon for some reason...

the nunchucks would be cool...


what you need to do is put in more information, this is a stupid idea because you didn't do anything to give people ideas. you want something but you won't help develop it, get ur act together kid


Bro...I made myself clear. GIVE ME A MACE!


adding a weapon to the game isnt a easy task, it needs thought, design, drawing, balancing, animation, coding

it wont come on a finger snap

I know. If Rez can't do it, then it doesn't HAVE to happen...


The problem is that you're not telling rez what to do. If you make a post about a new weapon, you have to put in the effort and include info other than "I want a mace". What are the stats? What does the special do? Stuff like that.

how can a mace be any different from a hammer?