Graveyard Dead Already?

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Storm Crow 6 years ago 13

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American lobby seems to be dead.

EU always open for new immigrants.

eu = lag here

Just get to France and you'll forget about lags.

Even less people in EU for me :/

most players in wilds use EU server.


that happens with every single new mod. Remember hell mode? dead. Remember melee map? dead. CTF? probably coming back but still dead. The only solution i can think of is having weekly events when certain maps are available for playing. For instance, this week could be GRAVEYARD WEEK, next one could be HELL MODE et cetera 

tell me if you agree

That's a great idea and probably the only solution to the dying gamemodes problem


WTF are you talking about??? The update has gone up for a few days ....most players don't even know about the update yet...you can't call a new update dead...Thats like me saying World of Warcraft gets a update and in the first hour noone uses the  updated version , Soo it's dead...I'm just saying don't call new things dead

well guess what?

Second day: I'm going to play some fort

So true,same was for hell mode when people first tried it and it was good,and then less than 2 days inquired to make them get bored of that.

I still love graveyard. I think it's fun and exciting, with an element of fear. I just wish more people besides me, tree, and raven would play it. :(