New Game Mode: The Labirynth Of Terror

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That can be a new hardcore game mode that will consist in passing deadly labirynth full of traps.

All players will be in the black team - that can be only one winner.

The treasure will be just a  bigger chest with more HP and  more money inside - maybe 1000-2000 gold.

There can be also some features, like new traps - spikes are good in killing, but quite boring.

- the pleasure plate. If player stand on it,  it can explode, spawn some goblins or an arrow will "schoot" from a nearby wall. 

- self rebuilding fort gate - it will rebuild over time, so player will have more problems (imagine: u want run away from a gang of "Gobelins" and what you see? The gate what was recently destroyed is rebuilded now! R.I.P. XD) But, it would be to OP if it can be destroyed only with a hammer - it will be destroyable with any meele-used weapon, but not with hands.

- shadow guards - in the chest room will stand  six shadow guards, using swords, hammers and axes. They will use they special abilities of weapons. They will be freezed until a player get in the room.

Image 2565

What you think about this? Please, comment and say more good ideas for this gamemode.

"1000-2000 gold" *gets myocardial infarction*

It will be really hardcore, so why not this much gold for a reward? 

Seems legit,though we need more monsters.


a lot less, maybe like 200-300, 500 maximally, because receiving 1k gold so fast(10 mins) will result in turbo money boosting and we all know Rezoner doesnt need that


other than that the idea is absolutely fantastic. What i thought of is having the labyrinth be very complex, like with tons of turns, intersections, dead ends and so on. Also traps would be very cool, and the more-the better. And if this gets in the game the minimap HAS to be disabled, because it would be too OP

Also lag like hell

u forgot there is a max of 800 gold m8...

Insanely hard...LETS DO IT

Yea,let's Indiana Jones this sh*t.

yee I need wilds.io lvl to play in 

The concept is great, but there's a little balancing to do. 1000 - 2000 gold is way too much. Maybe 200 at very most. And the enemies are a little too easy. Replace all the goblin spawns with shadows and have them spawn 1 shadow every 5 seconds. There should also be harder enemies in the center room(maybe more shadows? Or just replace shadows with 1 ogre? A mix of shadows and yetis?). Other than that this would be a great gamemode.

this guy is trying to get terrorists into the game

Not big of a deal though.They're mostly crackheads with chicken brain.

Nice idea. +1. Would be fun to have multiple goblins ganking your ass within the labyrinth.


They won't have enough time to react,they're gonna end up with arrow ganked ass.

Even more fun lmao, spam kicks forever ;v


Really nice idea....Usually i have some sort of a complaint ..but this idea is really thought out!!!

Good job


There should be something else than Ogre at the gate. Something like demonic gate that attacks everything on sight in close combat, and throws bombs at players and people should cooperate to defeat it (in like 1 minute), then the rivalry starts.
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania final fantasy xii demon wall

Nice idea.

And nice picture.

Demonic gate,yes,yes,offcourse yes,sure and definetly yes.We need that.


why not what?

Why not this demonic gate, obviously!

nobody said no to demonic gates buddy

They only didn't write that. But maybe somebody thinked: "No! No demonic gates!".

I am only foreruning them, buddy.

Hey fuck that.Btw "pleasure plate"

It's only a mistake, niggling guy.

I know,I know,it's ok.I made even bigger mistakes so no worry.

So... BUMP!

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It's okay... apparently forum "veterans" get away with bumps ;_;

Hell, I can bump my village post then right?

YES! Great idea!

Great idea. it is inspiring me right now. hmmm,this is a great intensive to add sort of, missions. so a player would play in the mission, so kind of a D&D like dungeon crawl, with different maps, with different challenges to over come.

I have been waiting so long for this.

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. I find that this is one of the more interesting topics.

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