Wood shop

Shizuko 3 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 3 years ago 9

a spin-off of Arcanine's idea but for wood, I understand wood is more of a axe specialty so it's cost something like mines of potions (no heath potions) 

when I said "like mines of potions" I meant: like mines or potions... sorry

y of mine? geddit? anyway, i like this idea, because i use a bow/sword, and when trying to repair the fort gate, i have to bring along an axe noob friend

I bring few of them on chains so they won't flee.

LOL. Normally i say "follow" then try to cut down a tree. They cut down 1 and walk away. -.-

Good idea. Not all wild men have axes. +1

I can't tell whether to upvote this or downvote this, though, I don't want to keep killing newbies to steal their wood...

I mean yea,it's a annoying to exit the game just to enter the menu to get axe and then enter game again just to chop wood.In that case we need ingame weapon switch.

That's a good idea. Me likey.