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My hand hurts, but I think dragon that breathes fire. Whoever kills it gets to ride for 30 seconds. Health like an Ogre. Idk you guys elaborate.

um no thanks

i dont really want dragons

I like the idea, but I think the health should be less than an ogre but only can be hit by a thrown spear, ice staff, or archer

Or knives or throwing your weapon.

It should also only attack players that attack it, a dragon sounds too op.

Yes, a cave that you enter to fight the dragon.

good idea. I like the 'less health than troll' bit to. How much gold would it give you?

I'd say like the troll: it explodes.


Yeah... no thanks and also the creator didn't need any more creatures, he said just do game mechanics.

Though I like dragons,It'd be a bit to op,still no big of a deal,if he drops special loot or gets you to ride him for short period of time,that'd be lit.Still quite a work for Rez.

Maybe replace the bear...and the dragon drops the gift box. OR remove 1 damn ogre (troll) so there's only 1 at a time


Why big dragon? Make smaller dragonling. Or a salamander, like that:Podobny obraz

It wouldn't be as big as Ogre. It would be too OP. :P

Ok. You guys elaborate... I sprained my hand so I didn't want to type

You always have other hand to write.

a dragon would be nice, but it needs a complex mechanic, iin order to be interesting, balanced but still a challenge. +1

I'd say this would take some time to implement, but that's fine.

What's the problem with them..?