ban ranged weapons in arena

John Constantine 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 3

i think ranged weapons should be banned in arena because you have these guys like master of weapons who only use bows and all they do is run and schoot it makes these arena matches really unfair 

Well,not all people "schoot" around and shoot.There are plenty of techniques of using bow,from learning basics to pretty much mastering the accuracy where this fast reload will be pointless to someone since it makes a lot of people spamming without any sense of accuracy which is huge mistake and that's reason why to change bow.But there's also bunch of ways of countering bow or wand and again,if you have trouble of countering the bow or wand which may seem unfair to you now if you improve your way of dealing with those no matter how ridiculous would seem to you,but once you improve,you'll have different thought than this now.

countering a bow in an 1 v 1 is easy i know but when its browars and you are fighting someone and the bow guy is just shooting the person that is fighting its imposible

Well I wouldn't agree with you.It's not quite impossible just a bit tricky,just take him out and switch a bit,with range weapon easier,and a lot time I see ppl spamming the sh*t out of arrows without any aiming techniques which is just not good as I said.If you're good at aiming,being Spamzo is big NO then,regardless of ranged weapon skill,and ppl just look dumb doing it since bow is ruined.Also wand should be buffed aswell since it's a bit lame when encountering mages to be honest.Their weapon is beatable just as axe,but it depends on how skilled you are and how skilled they are.