Own Launcher?

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Wilds.io being a browser game is not a very good thing in terms of performance (for me anyway), I'm not sure if it being a browser game is related to ping but it would be nice if wilds.io had it's own launcher that you can download and stuff..

The issue with that.. is it even possible? I just started studying computer science so I don't know much, but a browser game is written in a different language than a game with it's own launcher would be. I would image that the game would have to be reprogrammed which would take a lot of effort and the way it will be programmed in the future will also change. 

In that case the effort put into changing all of it would not be equal to the gains. After all most people are fine with it as it is.. 

i heard of people downloading games that ended in .exe or something like that... idk i forgot




a couple people have made posts bout it, the thing is that the entire game has to pretty much be rewritten to convert it into a launcher

Is it possible to do something else to reduce lag and ping?

im okay with it as long as i can keep my account

Yea,If you're gonna be able to keep account and increase game preformance,then yes,it'll be good.But as Ferret said,we need other ways of ending the lag.

If Rez move wilds to steam platform, this will be possible.

Hell yeah.

yeeeeeeee, steam greenlight?

Lol,why questionmark?