you can perform special ability while sprinting then rolling

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dude add description

also this is not a bug it is an idea

but maybe if you sprint while rolling you tackle like in the game superfighters 

tackling can make u lose on of the things in your inventory ( if they have one ) like gear or potins

it can be countered by everything but specials and blocks but the special will still be in effect   

No it's a bug. When I sprint (holding right mouse button) then use roll (scrolling forward using mouse wheel) I perform special attack.



thats part of game 

we should get that removed


NO That's been in the game FOREVER. It is a very good way of doing certain specials(like sword, claws, etc.). It's not that great for bow though...

But still... Make sure you just stop sprinting if you're going to roll.

As long as this game exist, special ability was activated with RMB + Roll. But you can get to in-game settings to remove this to make sure you will don't have this anymore.

You can remove it? I've tried (special with bow = fire arrow roll :( .) and it would assign a new button, but wouldn't remove RMB+Roll.

Yea,that's most annoying.It should be fixed.

I still use it cause im used to it since i started playing back in summer 2016 or so

So no remove dis plez :)

also pardon me for bumping

No,everything's fine,as long as you don't say "bump",everything's ok.

Earlier I was able to do it, now I probably forgot how to do it or this option has been removed - I changed for a moment roll for P and kick for K, tried to do special with P + K and this made I could do roll when sprinting. And RMB+Roll was still working as special. Rezoner has to fix it.

Yea,but only way to perform it without rolling is r button,,but again,it's too slow and not as practical.

This is reason why rmb+scroll up should stay. In most situation i'm using this combination for release special. It's faster way and you don't must leave finger from w,a,s,d.

Ok,everyone has it's own way of playing,I get it and I'm tfine with it.


Why, it's still how I activate the special :P

Yea,there's no right or wrong way of activating special,everyone has their preference.

so you dislike cuz i noob...

My controls say that I must press r to use special attack...

This is the real problem, that new players don't know there is in general settings activation with special with PPM + Roll too, and they accidentally do it when they want to roll at sprint.




brooooo its part of the game if i remember correctly in the beginning of wilds.io that was the only way to special

yeah but it seems that they did not take it out


you can change the key binding to difference thing you know :|

He's right,that way your current keys won't screw you up as much.

this forum is fucked up. all i did was make a topic about it and then i get shit on. why? i've only been here for like a few days and this is how we treat noobs who still don't know the routine. y'all are agressive for no fuckiing reason.


there are forum rules


haha, your an idiot! the special is made that way so it is easier to use. furthermore your the one who posted a ton of shit and disregarded the "one idea per week" rule, so stop saying we are f*****d up (by the way don't swear) and look in the mirror! get your sh*t together, JESUS CHRIST!