New grapple hook mechanic

Seal 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 10

Since grapple hook has the ability to pull a player towards you,I was thinking that reverse mechanic could be added,the actual grapple hook  use which pulls you where shot.You could hook on any player which can block and stun you normally,and any mob but that mob and a player will  receive small amount of damage or none. Also if wanted,the mechanic of pulling yourself or pulling others can be switched,or the entire new grapple hook could be added,I dunno.Tell me your opinions in comments.


When the hook fixes on the rocks or the walls of the fort, it could take you to that location, turning into a climbing hook, maybe a new item.
That would clearly remove the properties of the spear, but it would be interesting, would not it?

I honestly think that hook should not send you flying in straight direction,you could also swing in my opinion.

The hook can work in reverse when you hit an ally. this can serve to help them.

maybe a new hook could be added, one which would pull you towards the place youve grappled to. It should be even rarer than grenades and normal hooks

Yea,I agree since that hook benefits player for evading attacks and moving fast.

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