Big Update -New Weapons/Mobs/Boss/İtems !

Reaper_Tr 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 25

First i have some new weapon ideas:

1-Battle Axe

Slow Speed HighDamage like hammer,

Two handed (the old players will remember two handed axes)

Block Style And Normal Style

Special is "Rage" Gives haste potion effect for 6 seconds (maybe you can catch runners)

Charged attack is simple

2-Kunai or Knife

Low Damage High Speed Like Claws

Style is Simple but i think Rezoner will make it better

Charged Attack : Throw Kunai like arrow but low damage

Special: Rope Kunai  makes hook effect and catch target


High Damage Low Speed OR Normal Damage Normal Speed (like sword)

Charged Attack : Turns 360 Degree with 2 times

Special : Health Steal,like eartquake if it hits the target steal health (not too much)

Lots of people want Scythe

4-Necromancer Staff

Low Damage High Fire Rate like staff

Charged Attack : Fire Green Gas Balls if Gas Balls kill someone he become a shadow OR clone for 5 seconds

Special : Summon 4 Goblins OR 3 clones OR 3 shadows for protect you


its for football High Attack Speed Very Low Damage like fists

Special :Slide it make people fall

Some people dont want PvP in football if it will be give people when join a match it will be good.

New Item Idea:


When you place it,if you die you will respawn in front of flag(only 1 times,you can place only 1 flag and you can break other people's flag)

Other Ideas

+Make Palaside castle bigger

+Add Armory to palaside castle (when you give armory to 5 woods it will be give you random weapon)

+Add battering ram in front of palaside castle door (when you give 5 woods hit 1 times to gate,the gate will break after 2 or 3 hits

+Add Graveyard--------

    +Skeletons around graveyard (have sword/axe/hammer)

    +Add New Boss : Graveyard Guardian (like a ogre have sword,skull helmet and iron shield)

knuckles are worse claws ;P


Maybe,but i heard someone they dont like Fight/Pvp  in football.it maybe not necessary

knuckles would be cool, they can cost little and be used for self defense purposes.

Also when you press f do you throw both of them at the same time or separately?

Eating first Dislike..

i want the death weapon!!!

the double axe reminds me of having 2 handed weapons with no shield

so my idea was that you could shield with your two handed weapon, but it would deal 0.5 damage everytime or have it stagger you

for weapons that already are 2 handed, have a one handed version which you can dual wield
for claws... longer reach?

and since im not feeling very creative right now the special for all of the 2 handed/upgraded weapons could be reapers special where you get the haste effect and +0.25 damage for each hit

I dont agree with damage taking while blocking with a shield, since in the case of being swarmed you'll die very fast. Maybe instead of that we could have a longer cooldown between shield uses or a smaller block radius?

How old is dis guy? ^_^ 

okay look, do you think rez could do this in a small time frame? he's married now so he will have less time to do stuff, this will take him years, and you didnt even give him any textures. this shitpost should be sent to hell -1


Man,don't be so harsh on him,remember how you've mistaken sometimes and got dislikes too.and not to say,rude comments that they sure weren't pleasant to see,so pull it together and stop being mean instead of just normaly talking about your opinion without insulting anyone and being awkward douchebag that eventually won't have nice reputation.So just snap out of it .He made mistakes but also good ideas and share his way of thinking through these things.

These all ideas seems nice but still quite a task to do for Rez,still +1.

These are lots of separate ideas. Rezoner doesnt have to implement all of them at once :v

i have more time,this update will be "big" so Rezoner can do it after 25th slowly slowly.(he can eliminate some  ideas) and im working on textures but im not too good.its only a idea dont forget it

Oh rly?What do you mean?Can you be more precise?

Look at his drawings. It must be yours. If they aren't, then this guy is you in 2.0 version.

They are good,i admit but not that good,the most i appreciate is his effort and work.Nobody is perfect.

these are my little brother's arts ._.

You lucky bastard...jk.No srsly,they are great,regardless of autor.

SEAL IS YOUR BROTHER?!?!!!! *faint*

Oh srsly,Ukryty,think with your goddamn head again.If you thought that the little kid is leading the Seals clan,that would be nothing but chaos.

"Everyone give me candies!"... Yeah, that's it.

Yea,or "I'll tell you my mommy" or "Pause guys,my mom needs to wipe my ass",that'd be bullshit.


when I try to make some pictures from wilds.io, it takes about half of a bible to finish


Nice drawings btw (no seriously, its all clear what youve meant in them) +1